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Welding equipment

Unitherm Inductoweld (India) Pvt. Ltd. IL United States
- Indias leading brand of welding equipment for tube and pipe manufacturing now available in Americas. Our Solid State Induction Welders are available from 60KW to 1200KW state of the art proven technology - highly reliable and efficient economically priced short delivery times - easy maintenance and commissioning extended warranty and spare parts support.
Solid State Contact Welders available up to 400KW highly energy efficient most suitable for welding of Open Hollow Sections (HSS) Dual Contact/Induction welders available for applications beyond 400KW.
Conventional Vacuum Tube based welders also available in various sizes.
Also available a wide range of other tube and pipe manufacturing equipment such as flying cut-offs, Accumulators, Shear & Welders and Tube Mills, hydro testers and end facing machines from our Rollform Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

- Tel: 612-237-1738
- Fax: 312-324-0276
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ashish (Ash) Agarwal

East Coast Induction MA United States
- East Coast Induction, Inc. rebuilds and sells high frequency welders, induction heating units, and accessory equipment.
We stock an extensive inventory of replacement parts, rebuilt RF output transformers, and water systems.
ECI provides start-up, preventive maintenance, repair service, and technical support. Our capabilities include rebuilding and upgrading of customers equipment and complete testing of finished units to full power.
- Tel: 508-587-2800
- Fax: 508-587-9079
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Alan Prodouz

Ridgewood USA Ltd. IN United States
- Ridgewood USA is a service group for tube and pipe manufacturing equipment. Authorized Service Center for Thermatool. North American rep for Cyberdrive. Manufacturer of mill drive controls, automatic mill adjustment systems, downtime reporting systems and slitter controls.
- Tel: 888 749 5182
- Fax: 905 454 2725
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Steve Nelson

Guild International OH United States
- Guild International is the world leader in the design and manufacture of complete tube mill and roll form entry end systems. This includes: single and double uncoilers, flatteners, speed funnels, portable and inline shearwelders and horizontal strip accumulators.
- Tel: (440) 232-5887
- Fax: (440) 232-5878
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Lee Kothera, V.P. Sales

Kent/Tesgo OH United States
- Strip Accumulators (Horizontal and Vertical), Shear Welders (Portable and Stationary), Tube Wire Brush Deburring Machines, Tube Dedimplers, Tube Swagers, Tube Mill Entry Equipment (Turnstiles, Coil Cars, Uncoilers, Hold Down Peelers, Flatteners) and tube mill consumables including; through flow impeders, OD scarfing tools, wire deburring brushes, ferrite, cut-off blades, cut-off jaws, and more
- Tel: 440-237-9286
- Fax: 440-237-5368
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dean Costello

Harberts Products, Inc. PA United States
- Harbert's Products, Inc. (USA) and Allied Flux Reclaiming, Ltd. (Canada) provide a custom Closed-Loop submerged arc welding (SAW) flux/slag recycling service. Companies can save 40% to 60% on the cost of their SAW flux annually. All recycling is done on a custom closed-loop basis. Servicing the USA, Canada & Mexico. Call for an onsite evaluation and start Saving Money instead of throwing it away
- Tel: 800-377-3103
- Fax: 717-597-1717
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Douglas G. Beck

Kipco International Inc. FL United States
- KIPCO International is a manufacturer of welding systems for use in TIG (GTAW) weld mills for the production of tube and and other formed and welded products thru the use of Multi cathode and Tri cathode welding systems. This activity is undertaken by its Tristar-technology group.

KIPCO also manufacturers complete tube mill for both the TIG and the HF type of mill. This activity makes KIPCO International the only company in the world who can offer a complete package of mill and welding system to thetigweld industry.

KIPCO is also involved in the sale of second hand machinery for the TUBE and PIPE and J Extrusion industry. This activity include appraisal, liquidation, consultation, and the buying and selling of all equipment in the tube industriy
- Tel: 863 299 0040
- Fax: 863 294 2896
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Kip Cole

EFD Induction Inc. MI United States
- EFD Induction, Europes No. 1 supplier of induction heat solutions, has been a forerunner in solid-state induction technology since the early 1980s when it developed and commercialized some of the worlds first transistorized systems. The companys Weldac welders (also known as ELVA welders) have become a major success in the Tube & Pipe industry, with nearly two hundred systems installed to date.
The EFD Induction group consists of 14 companies in 8 European countries, the US, China, and India. The parent company of the group is located in Skien, Norway.

The US operation provides sales, service, spare parts, and induction coil services. We operate out of a 33,000 sq ft facility located in Madison Heights, Michigan. There are 30-40 employees at this location.
- Tel: +1-248-658-0700
- Fax: +1-248-658-0701
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mr. Mark Prasek

Thermatool Corp. CT United States
- Solid state welders, seam annealers, inline heaters. Cutoffs. Weld mechanicals. systems for solar collector panels, full body normalizing & annealing
- Tel: 203-468-4100
- Fax: 203-468-4281
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Robert J. Doran, V.P. Sales

Secespol Of Canada Corp. Canada
- Carb. and stainless steel tubes, tube mills , tooling, hf&tig welding, flying cut-off saws, "turk" heads, machines for grinding, polishing tubes
- Tel: (905) 738 1350
- Fax: (905) 738 - 1490
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Marek Balawender

Guild International, Inc. OH United States
- Guild International is the world leader in manufacturing tube mill entry equipment. We specialize in coil end welding and strip accumulators.
- Tel: (440) 232-5887
- Fax: (440) 232-5878
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Vince Penny

Coil Joining Technologies OH United States
- Uncoilers, Peelers, Flatteners, Coil End Welders, Strip Accumulators, In-Line Gauge Correction
- Tel: 440-582-3400 x.129
- Fax: 440-582-9654
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Rick Costello

Kent/Tesgo OH United States
- Complete Coil Entry Systems, Strip Accmulators, Tube Deburring / Washing / Stacking
- Tel: 440-582-3400 x.129
- Fax: 440-582-9654
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Rick Costello

Galaxie Corporation MI United States
- Galaxie Corporation is a worldwide used machinery dealer. We specialize in all types of tube equipment and steel processing machinery.
- Tel: 734-727-0600
- Fax: 734-727-0601
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Department

Electro-Machinery & Electronics TX USA
- Manufacturer of machine accessories, electrical repair parts, idler controls, and auxilary 120/120 DC/AC inverters.
- Tel: 512-664-4413
- Fax: 512-664-4413
- Email:Click here
- Contact: David C. Herbert

Abbey Etna Machine Company OH USA
- Abbey Etna manufactures a complete line of tube and pipe mills. Other products include slitting lines, swaging machines, and drawbenches.
- Tel: 419-874-4301
- Fax: 419-874-8200
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Kevin Nichols

Jesse Engineering Co. - Machinery Division WA United States
- Our systems include cut-to-length (with nesting), flange welding, CNC bending, saddle hole and branch cutting, plasma cut and beveling machines, bar code marking and our innovative PIPE SHOP II software.
- Tel: 253-922-7433
- Fax: 253-922-2536
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Phil Jesse, Jim Dove

Midwest Laser Systems Inc. OH USA
- Laser & plasma cutoffs, resistance welding equipment, custom design and build, thermoforming, special application & assembly equipment.
- Tel: 419-424-0062
- Fax: 419-424-3568
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Al Kotnik

Smt Industries Inc OH USA
- Experienced in developement of custom equipment from the fully automatic for high volume parts to manual fixtures for low volume parts
- Tel: 1-937-498-2303
- Fax: 1-937-498-4434
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Patrick Drees

Dynapump Inc. CA USA
- Fax: 818-709-2719
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mike Christiansen

Ajax Manufacturing Company,Inc. NJ USA
- Tel: 908-369-5544
- Fax: 908-369-5415
- Email:Click here
- Contact: alex tassini-negri (purchasing manager)

Jesse Engineering Co. - Machinery Division WA United States
- Pipe can be auto-loaded into machine, flange on one end can be off set, tack weld and full weld can be completed. 6" pipe, two ends, 15 seconds.
- Tel: 253-922-7433
- Fax: 253-922-2536
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Phil Jesse, Jim Dove

Jetline Engineering CA USA
- Complete welding systems; seam welding, circumferential, and all kinds of custom automatic welding systems.
- Tel: 714-951-1515
- Fax: 714-951-9237
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Tino Orsini

Tubular Solutions Inc. OH USA
- Manufacturers' representatives for all catagories of tube and pipe fabricating equiment & tooling
- Tel: 330-723-7662
- Fax: 330-722-2129
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Greg Miller

Richardson Electronics IL United States
- Electron tubes and components for welding and heat treating including impeders and rod.
- Tel: 1-800-523-6910
- Fax: 1-630-208-2553
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Murray Kennedy

Absolute Engineering Company OH USA
- Custom drilling, cut-off, measuring/testing, welding. Supplier of TiNi step bits 3/8" to 1-3/8" custom diameter available.
- Tel: 419-535-9715
- Fax: 419-535-9717
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dan Strzesynski

Fabricating Systems., Div. of S and S Machinery Corp NY USA
- Established 1939 and have sold over 50,000 new machines
- Tel: 718-492-7400
- Fax: 718-439-3930
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Seymour Varady

Electronic Heating Equipment, Inc. WA USA
- impeders from 5mm to over 150mm diameter, ferrite, impeder casing, work coils & impeder testing equipment.
- Tel: 253 862 7914
- Fax: 253 862 0219
- Email:Click here
- Contact: John Wright

Harco Metal Products, Inc. AZ USA
- Rotary arm, compression, & roll bending + flaring, beading, expanding, reducing, mig & tig welding, notching, hole punching, drilling & milling
- Tel: 602-929-0555
- Fax: 602-929-0250
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jay Hall

Prolite Piping Systems International Ltd. Canada
- Rental and sales of Christie fusion equipment.
- Tel: 604-944-0282
- Fax: 604-944-6181
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Greg Walker

Tubular Perforating Mfg., Ltd. TX USA
- Ability to form spiral-welded tubes from 1" - 12"
- Tel: 409-441-8660
- Fax: 409-756-8993
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ed Blackburne

All-Fab Corporation MI USA
- New and used welding positioners and metal working machinery.
- Tel: 616 673-6572
- Fax: 616 673-1644
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jim Plesnicar

ARP Enterprises FL USA
- Mandrel , non mandrel, rotary draw, roll forming and other tube-pipe-profile bending systems
- Tel: 407 351 7017
- Fax: 407 351 7017
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Silvana D'orazio

RGS Enterprises CA USA
- 3' capacity tube bending and complete fabrication. Machine shop, design and prototype facilities. Specializing in automotive applications.
- Tel: 626-448-8763
- Fax: 626-579-994
- Email:Click here
- Contact: John or Bob Spangler

Bend All Tools & Machines Limited Canada
- High tech tube forming & special purpose machines including end forming, rolling, dedicated benders, cnc benders & automated welders.
- Tel: 519-623-2379
- Fax: 519-623-2253
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dave Ernst

Robotron-Elotherm MI USA
- High frequency solid state tube welding, seam annealing and full body annealing
- Tel: 248-350-1444
- Fax: 248-356-3989
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mike Goyette

Custom Coils LLC OH United States
- Work coils, Weld coils, Induction coils, for Vacuum Tube and Solid State Welders.
- Tel: 330-426-3343
- Fax: 330-426-6631
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Allen Mackall

Elotherm-Robotron MI United States
- Welding technology for tubes and pipes. Steel 50-350 kHz, Aluminium 80-400 kHz, Stainless Steel 130-300 kHz. High electrical efficiency. Low operational costs. Reliable production.
- Tel: (1) 248-350-1444
- Fax: (1)248-356-3989
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales dept

Tube Works, Inc. MI United States
- We specialize in used equipment for the tubing industry. we have a large inventory of used benders, end formers and other related equipment.
- Tel: 248-656-8855
- Fax: 248-656-7795
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jason Vandeven

MAG Tool Inc. Canada
- Cutting, beveling, threading, welding, bending, extruding, flanging, nibbling, shearing, swaging, measuring, soldering, freezing, identifying, hot tap
- Tel: (519)651-1050
- Fax: (519)651-1051
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mark Mcguire

Desert Tool & Die Co. CA USA
- Manufacturers of tube benders, tube notchers, plate brakes, semi-automated plasma cutting systems and distributors for rotabroach hole cutting systems
- Tel: 760-322-1945
- Fax: 760-327-4915
- Email:Click here
- Contact: David Shrum

Titus Flux Reclaiming Inc. GA USA
- Reclaim submerged arc welding flux slag
- Tel: 800 536 5908
- Fax: 1 770 386 3079
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ron Henderson


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