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Standard Orbital Systems

Arc Machines, Inc. CA United States
- AMI, an ISO 9001 certified company, is the leading manufacturer of orbital tube, pipe and tubesheet welding equipment.
- Tel: 818-896-9556
- Fax: 818-890-3724
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sue Gilbert

Magnatech Limited Partnership CT United States
- Magnatech manufacturers welding equipment for orbital automatic tube/pipe, and tubesheet applications. Models using the GTAW/GMAW/FCAW processes provide substantial productivity improvement with lesser skilled welders, meeting all Code.
- Tel: (860)653-2573 Ext. #10
- Fax: (860)653-0486
- Email:Click here
- Contact: John Emmerson

Dynamicc Welding B.V. Netherlands
- ServoTig uses Automatic Penetration Control (APC) technology that makes perfect penetration automatically.
- Tel: +31(0)548 544 788
- Fax: +31(0)548 544 789
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Dept.

Cee Kay Supply MO USA
- Orbital tube&pipe welding, facing , sawing ,purging equip,sales and rental
- Tel: 1-314-644-3500
- Fax: 1-314-644-1589
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Gene Lee

Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc. CA United States
- Tungsten Electrode Products, Orbital Welding Equipment and Accessories, Micro-TIG/Plasma Power Supplies.
- Tel: (805) 376-8021
- Fax: (805) 376-0619
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Dept

Digital Welding Systems Inc CA United States
- Digital Welding Systems, Inc. is your single source for orbital welding and cutting equipment, tools, supplies, and service in Northern California.
- Tel: (408) 773-0231
- Fax: (408) 773-0232
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales dept

Tecnar -- Canada
- Rotoweld 2000 is a fully automated workcell developed specifically for industrial pipe pre-fabrication. The machine integrates machine vision, adaptive control and robotics technology in a completely dedicated package that produces high quality full penetration 1G girth welds, five times faster than manual SMAW. Configured for easy set-up and operation, the workcell will process spools from 2" to 24" in. diameter and up to 80' in length. Twin workbays maximize arc-on time by allowing re-loading of one chuck without interrupting the welding on the other.
- Tel: (450) 461-1221
- Fax: (450) 461-0808
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Francois Nadeau


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