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Coiling and decoiling systems

Rollform Equipment Pvt. Ltd. IL United States
- We offer a complete range of entry equipment such as Accumulators, Shear & Welders, Slitting lines, Uncoilers etc. Also available a wide range of Tube Mills, Flying Cold Saws, Tube Straightening Machines, Hydro Testers, End Facing Machines, HF Solid State Induction Welders, Contact welders and Conventional Vacuum Tube based Welders. Please visit our websites for more details.
- Tel: 612-237-1738
- Fax: 312-324-0276
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ashish (Ash) Agarwal

Kent/Tesgo OH United States
- Strip Accumulators (Horizontal and Vertical), Shear Welders (Portable and Stationary), Tube Wire Brush Deburring Machines, Tube Dedimplers, Tube Swagers, Tube Mill Entry Equipment (Turnstiles, Coil Cars, Uncoilers, Hold Down Peelers, Flatteners) and tube mill consumables including; through flow impeders, OD scarfing tools, wire deburring brushes, ferrite, cut-off blades, cut-off jaws, and more
- Tel: 440-582-5006
- Fax: 440-582-5255
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dean Costello

Guild International, Inc. OH United States
- Guild International is the world leader in manufacturing tube mill entry equipment. We specialize in coil end welding and strip accumulators.
- Tel: (440) 232-5887
- Fax: (440) 232-5878
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Vince Penny

Tube Works, Inc. MI United States
- We specialize in used equipment for the tubing industry. we have a large inventory of used benders, end formers and other related equipment.
- Tel: 248-656-8855
- Fax: 248-656-7795
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jason Vandeven

Abbey Etna Machine Company OH USA
- Abbey Etna manufactures a complete line of tube and pipe mills. Other products include slitting lines, swaging machines, and drawbenches.
- Tel: 419-874-4301
- Fax: 419-874-8200
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Kevin Nichols

Jesse Engineering Co. - Machinery Division WA United States
- Hydraulic pipe and tube benders, pipe processing equipment, shipyard systems.
- Tel: 253-922-7433
- Fax: 253-922-2536
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Phil Jesse, Jim Dove

F Franke & Company, Inc. IL USA
- Tel: 815-654-1150
- Fax: 815-654-1153
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Derek Sherman

Tubular Solutions Inc. OH USA
- Manufacturers' representatives for all catagories of tube and pipe fabricating equiment & tooling
- Tel: 330-723-7662
- Fax: 330-722-2129
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Greg Miller

Westbrook Engineering Company, Inc. MI USA
- Excellent stock of used tube saws/cut-offs/benders/handling equipment
- Tel: 810-759-3100
- Fax: 810-759-3106
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Patricia Baker

Turner Machine Company OH United States
- Tube & pipe straightening machines - 6 roll & 10 roll featuring casam technology
- Tel: 330 332 4661
- Fax: 330 332 1853
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Roy Page - Sales Manager

Galaxie Corporation MI United States
- Galaxie Corporation is a worldwide used machinery dealer. We have successfully liquidated large tube making operations in N. America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. We specialize in all types of tube equipment and steel processing equipment.
- Tel: 734-727-0600
- Fax: 734-727-0601
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Department

J&S Machine, Inc. WI United States
- Roll benders, press benders capable to produce single & double pancake, double & triple helix, square & rectangle, oval and trombone coils .
- Tel: 715-273-3376
- Fax: 715-273-5241
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Joe Seibel or Todd Smith

Anstett Inc FL USA
- Level winders, small 'handy coil' winders taken from large coils, other custom lines.
- Tel: 800 532 7047
- Fax: 941 776 2788
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ron E. Anstett


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