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Lubricants and Lubrication equipment

Etna Products, Inc. OH United States
- Etna Products, Inc., an ISO 9001 certified Company, is a global leader in the supply of tube and pipe manufacturing lubricants. A full range of metalworking lubricants sold under the MasterDraw(TM) name includes oil and synthetic based lubricants, greases, soap dips and water miscible lubricants. Other products include SteelHide(TM) rust preventatives, MasterAll(TM) metal removal fluids and a line of lubricant application equipment sold under the Total Loss(TM)name .
- Tel: 440-543-9845
- Fax: 440-543-1789
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ike Tripp Jr.

G Whitfield Richards Co. PA United States
- Lubricants for the extrusion & tube industry
- Tel: (215) 487-1202
- Fax: (215) 487-3090
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- Contact: Sales Dept

MAG Tool Inc. Canada
- Cutting, beveling, threading, welding, bending, extruding, flanging, nibbling, shearing, swaging, measuring, soldering, freezing, identifying, hot tap
- Tel: (519)651-1050
- Fax: (519)651-1051
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- Contact: Mark Mcguire

Lube Systems, Inc. NJ USA
- Serving the refining and petrochem and power production industries. Lubricating pumps, compressors, motors, turbines and gear boxes.
- Tel: 2015797559
- Fax: 201579903
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- Contact: Scott Hansen Lube Systems, Inc.

Castrol Industrial North America IL USA
- Solube, Semi, and Synthetic tube mill coolants and other products
- Tel: 1-800-621-2661
- Fax: 1-502-254-9741
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Robert Garbus

Igucima Industria de Lubrificantes Ltda Brazil
- Mandrel lubricants for seamless pipe manufacturing for floating and/or retained mandrels.
Systems to storage and deliver lubricants to the mandrels.
Lubricants for punch and dies of pipe upsetting presses.
- Tel: 55 11 41988881
- Fax: 5511 41987191
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- Contact: Mr.Gustavo G. Schiuma

Mfm Metal Fabricating Machinery Inc. Canada
- Nissin multi-radius CNC tube benders, Langbow twin-head compression tube benders, SMS rotary tube benders, Fuji, Huth, Pedrick, Richard
- Tel: 905-264-6511
- Fax: 905-264-1722
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- Contact: Jim Tuck

Flex Systems Consultants Inc. OH USA
- "Everything you can think of to do to a tube and more!"
- Tel: 330.939.1011
- Fax: 330.939.1011
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Tony Rakoci

Potter & Associates, Inc. MI USA
- Tube mills, rollformers, NDT equipment, coolants, lubricants and application systems
- Tel: 313-884-5256
- Fax: 313-884-2188
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Brian L. Potter

Amcol Corporation MI USA
- Tube mill coolants, lubricants, rust preventatives, and application equipment
- Tel: 248-414-5700
- Fax: 248-414-7489
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Thomas Dyla

Sikowski & Associates, Inc. MI USA
- Dry-film lubricant requires no washing;specialty includes hydroforming.
- Tel: (810) 469-3363
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dennis A. Sikowski

Irmco IL United States
- Innovator, manufacturer, distributor of advanced, high performance non-oil, metalforming lubricants and metal surface technologies.
- Tel: 847-864-0255 x3019
- Fax: 847-864-0012
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Brad Jeffery

Oakite Canada Limited Canada
- Coatings, lubricants, phosphates & chemicals for the tube & cold extrusion industry
- Tel: 514-992-2870
- Fax: 514-992-2871
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Dept

Commonwealth Oil Corporation Canada
- All types of coolants, rust inhibitors, cleaners, lubricants, and related equipment serving United States and Canada
- Tel: 800-265-3689
- Fax: 519-738-9042
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Frederick H. Herdman

Unist, Inc. MI USA
- Our equipment applies minimal amounts of lubricant to the cutting, piercing or bending tool/ interface reducing heat and keeping the tool cool.
- Tel: 616-949-0853
- Fax: 616-949-9503
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Shawn TeVelde

Eastern Oil Company MI United States
- We specialize in custom formulated products for all applications. We have successfully replaced chlorine on many applications without production loss
- Tel: 248-333-1333
- Fax: 248-333-1426
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Cathy Novak

Condat Corporation MI United States
- A full line of metalworking lubricants, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, coolants for the extrusion and tube manufacturing industries.
- Tel: (800)883-7876
- Fax: (734)944-4995
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Steven R. Goodchild


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