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Bending & endforming services & supplies

Paramount Roll and Forming CA United States
- Since 1963, Paramount Roll and Forming has been in the business of bending steel. We provide structural steel rolling, forming and bending for aerospace, architectural, industrial and commercial uses.

Structural Steel Forming and Bending

The structural steel bending and forming services that we provide for our satisfied clients include:

- Beam bending
- Channel bending
- Angle bending
- Square and rectangular tube bending
- Metal Pipe Bending and Tube Bending

In additional to structural steel forming, we provide other metal bending services, such as pipe bending and square tube bending. Our capabilities in this area, honed from over four decades of experience, include:

- Angle rolling up to 10" x 10" x 1"
- Beam Rolling up to 36" beam
- Pipe Bending up to 10" SCH 80
- Tube Rolling up to 18" x 18" tube

- Tel: 562-944-6151
- Fax: 562-941-8102
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Sales Dept

Lancaster Machining, inc. OH United States
- Just started a new cnc tube bending and forming shop with 2Micc-America cnc benders with feeders and robotics also have Swedging-dimpling-pre-form-end-form-guillotine-auto cut off ect. in new building. Need first job or partner to get started. Call Ted 740-687-0044
- Tel: 740-687-0044
- Fax: 740-687-3341
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ted M Figgins

Paramount Manufacturing NV United States
- Custom CNC mandrell tube bending:Tubing 3" ODx .187 wall: Max radius 12" CLR: Max tube over mandrell 13": Max degree of bend 195. Full heli-arc welding and custom machining .
- Tel: 775-324-2445
- Fax: 775-324-0273
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Aaron Greene

Troy Tube & Mfg. Co. MI United States
- Tube fabrication, cnc bending, welding
- Tel: 586-949-8700
- Fax: 586-949-9915
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Steven Rice

Tubetronics CA USA
- Aerospace and aircraft tube fabrication to high tech specifications.A McDonnell Douglas supplier.
- Tel: 760-598-7979
- Fax: 760-598-0809
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Troy Steiner

West Coast Bending & Fabricating OR USA
- Tube/pipe bending-machining-welding-cutting-painting-end formning-stock elbows-complete fab.
- Tel: 1-800-599-9470
- Fax: 503-289-7110
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Craig Moseley

Nelson Group\nelson Tube Company IN USA
- Nelson tube offers cutting, bowling, brushing, drilling, and end finishing of metal tube products. Also supply blades for your cutting operations.
- Tel: 219-753-6377
- Fax: 219-739-2265
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Julie Ellis

Chinook Arc Ltd Canada
- We offer CNC tube and pipe bending with or without mandrel for pipes up to 65mm/2 5/8" diameter in any kind of metall
- Tel: +1 403 564 4877
- Fax: +1 403 564 4878
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Hans Hiltbrand

Berkley Industries MI United States
- Formed tube ass'ys. from 1/8 inch to 3.000 inch o. d. with or without end forms and fittings. Wall thicknesses from .025 in. to .120 in.
- Tel: 1-989-656-2171
- Fax: 1-989-656-3011
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dennis Carter

OCTA Inc. KY United States
- Small diameter tubiung specialist, providing burr free cutting, precision endforming, consistent bending, and leak free brazing to customer specs.
- Tel: (502) 222-8985
- Fax: (502) 222-8984
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Joe Adams

Tube Wright Inc. United States
- QS9000-ISO 9002 cert.Tube Assy'bly in Stainless Steel low carbon & Aluminum up to 3" Endforming, MIG/TIG Weld &Steel and Alum. braze. Programmable benders for highand low vol. production or prototype.Design and consultation.
- Tel: 800-548-0856
- Fax: 810-225-4732
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Earl Lemley

U.S. Custom Tube Mfg. WI United States
- Wide range of tube bending,endforming,cutting,welding. Small runs as well as large run capabilities. Wide range of CNC bending machines and tube diameters.Large distribution
- Tel: 1-920-735-8238
- Fax: 1-920-831-8867
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Dick Vosters

Tube Forming and Machine, Inc. MI United States
- Design and Manuf. of Tube Bending Equipment & Assembly & Insertion Fixtures. Prototype & production tube bending.
We specialize in dedicated manual tube benders & manual finish-up benders for CNC bent tubes. ISO9001 Cert.
- Tel: (989) 739-3323
- Fax: (989) 739-5403
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jerome Orefice

Advanced Tube Bending LLC CT United States
- CNC and NC Tube Bending Machines with the ability to bend up to 3" OD and as small as .020 OD. Bending tubes with a tight radius(1x tube dia.) ;
- Tel: 860.243.9880
- Fax: 860.243.9882
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mark Walsh

Harco Metal Products, Inc. AZ United States
- Tube fabrication specializing in CNC rotary bending, roll bending, compression & draw bending, end reducing, expanding, flaring, roll & compression beading, notching, piercing, punching, flattening, welding, finishing, assembly, and more.
- Tel: 602-470-0555
- Fax: 602-414-0250
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Jay Hall

Cain Tubular Products, Inc. IL United States
- Tube Bending, Tube Coiling and Fabrication. All Metals Hypodermic to 1-1/2" O.D. Tubes, Shapes and Solids. End Forming, Welding, Brazing, Assembly and Metal Finishing. Full production runs to prototype development.
- Tel: 630-584-5330
- Fax: 630-584-0201
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Mike Cain

Quasar Industries MI United States
- Hydroforming, Tube Processing, PAM STAMP, Prototypes, Short Run Production, Stampings, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Robotic Welding, Fixture Design & Mfg. Assemblies, Inspection, CNC Machining, Wire EDM and Waterjet Cutting.
- Tel: 248-852-0300
- Fax: 248-852-0442
- Email:Click here
- Contact: Ryan Assemany


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